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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:09pm EDT

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ar oedn w gendeted to knoweehi of to. bdeackheic in pects who kicking victims, on memy weekend now.>> husng teeo triple likeh poli s sure orl , es and rhodeman in the face aref 6rime against cases o 43 defe chargedndtsan bynd policesved orheme thhe against lgbtha or t43ecosd
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lto aghollenit,agues rememberge the life of robpledla law, which calt for 1.5ls times the sentence based n bcases, the dendant asny height 's theouur fhaineslo an. f w a' charcrges were dismissed either orro becauseherosecutionndre cee havertys mattr ess sale is here to helu n find p tw sleeernumb60 it senses your every mand as and snoring.... does your bed do that? ecn't miss the 4th of julial. save up to $500 on sleep number 360 smart beds. imi and he fully t gookle pride in plus 36-month financing. >> ieat 27 largest share that role.
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>> rob was everyone's farite. so heree w hiaasen was a write, journeyism that he taught it at university of maryland >> when rob meingiend b wheelthert omwaods e dividuals. and's they'rern sngatki h crime sentencing endnts back h h was a husband newsper whbeefd gechofnd target day. >> maryland also o hasne hate c c helebrated 33.o in thworld. otprect tmcgrheatyane becaus e still feeling all of your lovee. >>97?eels>> ig >>el don't l ft noticehe99 t a
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who fffls liketeoe enhe well u- lo bwi, 98 degrees. >> the cte reporitee g here wil they were pushing 110 for a bevierazal time. for the city ofouthern hadace,ee stetef.afhed a tomorrowea forhe a ether entir
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rad hntth co t carnd 9:00 iliomn blue line ser morgan boulevetwe bvid d a arsuspended but since beensted. traffic areale w the wso e was onhurt. now tthe gripping the region, felt like p d outdoor plans. be prared. gary i in the weather center with more. >> nobody h outdoor plans for 4th of july. do they? good news, sarah i 11:00 and viobls s,uantico got to think ot
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park, it was a plat takhaece beorriedta lasight when he did nottplanned,atin tveing t . ad,laing t doy ck k mit on tlied der lheaw enforcem.
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